Video Induction

We take the health and safety of our staff and contractors very seriously. For us it’s about more than just compliance to legislation, we want our team to go home to their families in the same good health they arrived in.

So we’ve developed a number of in-house training programs and these commence the day newcomers arrive onsite.

We begin by running them through a thorough induction program. As you can imagine, when you employ hundreds of people it would be easy to miss explaining a small but potentially important detail. To make sure that doesn’t happen we’ve put together a video induction that ensures every person gets the same message and the same level of detail about what’s expected and any hazards they are likely to encounter.

The induction programs meet all current best practises and Health and Safety Requirements and has helped us to retain our Tertiary Status with ACC– no mean feat for a business with hazards in every direction!

We update the video induction whenever there is change in systems or new standards that need to be communicated. While you can never completely prevent human error, we have a very low incident rate and that’s something we can all be proud of.